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From Zumaya Thresholds – The Talisman of Zandria

The Talisman of Zandria

by Christine Norris

The Talisman of Zandria



Adventure happens when you least expect it

Ivy Peterson is Less-Than-Ordinary. She’s so very Less-than-Ordinary that sometimes she feels invisible. She is also Not Very Brave.

But part of her wishes she could be something More, that something Extraordinary and Completely Unusual would happen. What she forgets about wishes is that they do sometimes come true.

Ivy accidentally falls into Zandria, a magical world that exists just outside her own. And she’s trapped there because someone has stolen the Talisman of Zandria, a magical amulet that controls the five gates the worlds. She and her new friends—the wizard Arden, his young apprentice Connor, and a pair of fairies—set off on a quest to recover the Talisman, a journey of discovery that will change Ivy in ways she never could have imagined.

Purchase the trade paperback from Amazon as well as in ebook for Kindle and NOOK.

ISBN:    9781612712215

Also available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF at the ZP eBookstore.

Read some sample chapters!

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From Zumaya Thresholds – Windmills

by Lyndi Alexander

When everything you know has changed…

Bio-terrorists release a plague in the United States that spreads to kill most of the world’s Caucasian population. As the deadly virus mutates, Tzu Shin, a renowned medical doctor and biologist, defects from China to help develop a cure. His only daughter, Lin Kwan, is left behind in Hong Kong with her aunt.

Then Kwan’s father summons her from across the sea to bring him Chinese medicinal herbs he needs to develop a cure. Lonely and missing her parents, she accepts the challenge, traveling with her sensei Li Zhong to the New World.

But a Chinese assassin is on her trail, determined to kill her and Li Zhong, and when Kwan discovers her father has disappeared, she sets out on a journey to find him and deliver her precious cargo, a quest that she may not survive.

Purchase the trade paperback from Amazon as well as in ebook for Kindle and NOOK.

Sample Chapter

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From the Zumaya Embraces Imprint – That’s Amore

That’s Amores by Linda Andrews

Love flies with the speed of an arrow 


How’s a girl supposed to stay single with the entire town wants her married?

Alessa Lombard has a plan to avoid the marriage trap. It’s not that she’s opposed to marriage—wedded bliss is fine…for other people. All she needs is the help of the town’s newest bachelor to help pull off a fake romance, and the family curse won’t have a chance to ruin her life.

Determined to fall in love, Sloan Dugan immigrates to the magical town of Amores. Surely, in a town devoted to love, he’ll find a woman who doesn’t use trickery and deceit.

But Cupid has other plans. Alessa and Sloan will find themselves playing the game of love whether they want to or not. Will winner take all? Or lose everything?


Available in trade paperback from Amazon as well as in ebook for Kindle and NOOK.

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Zumaya Kindle Thriller Sale Week 4

Special Kindle Price Promotion at $2.99

Feb 26 to Mar 3 – Mixed Thrillers

The Ugly Princess by Elizabeth K Burton

The Ugly Princess by Elizabeth K Burton

This is the way his world ends

Christopher Evergild, like his father and his grandfathers before him, had trained all his life for one thing: to be the Royal Champion of Abernal and maintain the peace with the strength of his arm.

Then the king dies at his wedding feast, and his heir is a woman exiled to a mountain keep as an infant—a woman reputed to be so hideous only trolls can bear to look at her. Plots to replace her sprout before the king’s corpse is cold, but Chris’s duty is clear.

How is he to know doing the right thing will change his life forever?


Dark Legend by Chris Stires

Dark Legend by Chris Stires

“I am a ghost…”

“…What follows is my story–how I was murdered and the events after.”

For 150 years, in a house called Journey’s End, his ghost has walked the halls among the shadows of murder and horror. Now a courageous young woman has come, risking her life to free him. But a ruthless demon soldier will summon the terrors of Hell to stop them and continue the Dark Legend.


Murder Canyon by Joan Blancher

Murder Canyon by Joan Blacher

When the mutilated body of a beautiful and popular recent graduate of Clarion University is discovered in a desolate canyon, the nearby rural community of Chuma fears that the killer still lurks among them.

Ardis Jensen, a forensic psychologist turned campus counselor, horrified at the student’s brutal murder and troubled that another student might be the killer, becomes deeply embroiled in the investigation.

As searing, late summer winds swirl through the orchards, Ardis and Detective Larry Hopkins discover that grim secrets lie beneath Chuma’s seemingly tranquil surface, and that skeletons hide in many a Clarion closet.

P.S. All these listed titles are actually on sale! We just have certain ones features each week. 😛 It’s a secret! You can find the full list here.
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Zumaya Kindle Thriller Sale Week 3

Special Kindle Price Promotion at $2.99

Feb 19 to Feb 25 – Fantasy Thrillers

The Mirror of Yu-Huang by Christine Norris
The Mirror of Yu-Huang by Christine Norris

The Library of Athena, Book 3

Megan’s dreams of a fun and relaxing Christmas holiday turn into a nightmare when the headmistress of her school strong-arms her father into hosting a huge New Year’s ball for the Chinese ambassador. She’s been unlucky with houseguests in the past—like the one who died.Then Megan receives a gift, one that shows someone knows not only about the Library of Athena but of her connection to it. Who made the mysterious phone call in the study? Who stabbed Xu Ping? Megan thinks she knows, but before she can confirm her suspicions the Library is invaded, and only the Librarian stop the invader from threatening the world.

Vassal of El by Gloria Oliver
Vassal of El by Gloria Oliver

He tried to forget his past, but it wouldn’t forget him

At eleven, Torren was violently torn from his family and his people and left for dead, a cripple in more ways than one. For the next few years, he traveled alone, making few friends.Then, one night, a terrified young woman fleeing for her life stumbles into his camp, and his life once again takes new direction. As he reluctantly takes responsibility for getting her to safety, his past comes back to haunt him in a way that is painfully ironic.

Against both his will and his better judgment, he must return to the place he had thought lost to him forever if he is to make good on his promise to keep his charge safe from harm.

Second Coming? Or Antichrist?Father Sean McCauley has a dilemma–he loves his work as a Roman Catholic priest, but part of him yearns for a wife and family like his sister Kate’s. Torn between his calling and his heart’s desire, he willingly accepts an assignment to investigate a charismatic evangelist named Joseph, hoping to find an answer long the way.Who is the handsome, enigmatic man whose message is so powerful people flock to him by the thousands, leaving home and work to live in his self-sustaining communities all across the US? Why, despite Joseph’s altruism and faith, does Sean suspect he harbors something dark and evil?

P.S. All these listed titles are actually on sale! We just have certain ones features each week. 😛 It’s a secret! You can find the full list here.
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Zumaya Kindle Thriller Sale Week 2

Special Kindle Price Promotion at $2.99

Feb 12 to Feb 18 – Thrillers

Final Mercy by Frank J Edwards

Final Mercy by Frank J Edwards

Dr. Jack Forester, director of the New Canterbury University Hospital emergency department, is about to win an ongoing battle to modernize the ED when he’s stymied by the power-hungry dean, Bryson Witner. Then someone tries to murder Jack’s mentor and the former dean, setting it up to look like suicide.

Bit by bit, Jack uncovers facts that suggest several other recent tragic accidents may not have been in the least accidental. The deeper he digs, the closer danger creeps, and the phrase “life or death” begins to take on a new and very personal meaning.

Redacted by G L Rockey

Redacted by G L Rockey

Zachary Stern believes in facts, and he believes that’s what the news should be about. It’s how he runs The Boca, his weekly alternative paper in Miami. When a local network affiliate broadcasts a shocking video, something about the damning images sets off an alarm.Then Zack is given a tape that records a plot by the three highest advisors of the President of the United States, the goal of which is the destruction of the Constitution and the establishment of a dictatorship, all in the name of anti-terrorism. He needs to get the tape in the hands of the one person who might be able to prevent the coup, but he needs to stay alive long enough to do it.

Too Many Secrets by Linda Guyan

Too Many Secrets by Linda Guyan

Alex Carlisle is dead and buried in the Carlisle Cabin basement, his head bashed in with a shovel when a private party turned deadly.Two young women swore to keep the secret of what happened one cold January night in 1979-the night a murderer was born in the picturesque mountain community of Pinewood, California. Seventeen years later, three more people died at the Carlisle Cabin, and the Party Killer walked away free.

Resurrection Diva by Eva Batonne

Resurrection Diva by Eva Batonne

The walk of fame can take strange turnsAutumn Riley was beautiful, talented—and dead. Or so it seemed, until she sat up in the morgue and wandered off.Shortly thereafter, she’s relaunched her career as Zombita, and as LAPD Homicide Detective Joan Lambert delves into the twisted world Autumn Riley lived in, she discovers the story behind Zombita’s resurrection may contain the truth behind the disappearance of ten other beautiful, talented young women and a missing child.Tragedy has stalked Joan Lambert for most of her life, but can the strength she acquired dealing with it help her confront the vicious, ugly truth beneath the glittery Hollywood masks…and survive?

P.S. All these listed titles are actually on sale! We just have certain ones features each week. 😛 It’s a secret! You can find the full list here.
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Zumaya Kindle Thriller Sale Week 1

Special Kindle Price Promotion at $2.99

Feb 5 – Feb 11 – Science Fiction Thrillers

Blood Line by Lynn Ward

Blood Line by Lynn Ward

Lauren Pell is chief of security for the Terran station on Krhyllan, a planet wracked by ancient feuds and hatreds. When the king’s young son Deran is attacked by the savage Blood Painter assassins, the feared Blood Painters, Lauren fights, schemes, defies—whatever it takes to rescue the him.

Convinced she failed to save the life of her own child, she will save this one, even if revealing some secrets endangers Krhyllan itself.


Unforced Error by Mark Roberts

Unforced Error by Mark Roberts

When scientist Carl Racine’s genetically modified wolf Yukon discovers a body aboard a corporate helicopter, they both become a danger to powerful people who are determined neither survives to tell anyone about it.

Although he survives a deadly chase through the dense and dangerous jungles on the planet Cenozoic, Carl knows the treat isn’t over. He needs Yukon’s unique skills if he’s going to find the truth—and Yukon is under sentence of death.


Catalyst by M D Benoit

Catalyst by M D Benoit

2046. Mutations and MIDS ravage the planet, and the need for body parts and organ transplants escalate. Corbin has created GenOrg, a farm that speed-grows in coffin-like pods thousands of human clones from stolen DNA. One problem: the clones are sentient. Their genetic memory has even given them the ability to communicate with each other.

Ashar, a self-named clone, escapes GenOrg, promising to return to free the others. Running for his life, he is joined by Sara Logan, a geneticist with a guilty secret, and Pietr Ludov, a reporter seeking the ultimate story. They hatch out a plan to bring down Corbin, but it’s not enough for Ashar—he wants the clones free. Struggling with his own genetic identity, Ashar devises a plan that will unleash repercussions.


Make sure to check here each week in February for other great ZP deals on Kindle books.

P.S. All these listed titles are actually on sale! We just have certain ones features each week. 😛 It’s a secret! You can find the full list here.
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