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Dancing With the Velvet Lizard by Bruce Golden

Otherworlds Imprint Release – Dancing With the Velvet Lizard by Bruce Golden

Dancing with the Velvet Lizard by Bruce Golden

Thirty-three mind-bending tales of science fiction, fantasy, horror and humor by award-winning author Bruce Golden. Journey into other worlds, other dimensions and other times to meet an alien musician, an apocryphist, a hideous sun demon, a bedeviled baseball player and an old woman resigned to living out her last days cared for by a machine.

See what happens when a Native American shaman sends the government a bill for making it rain, and a 119-year-man drives his classic automobile into the middle of an insurrection, chased by flying cars. Discover a missing planet, lust potions, the color of silence, the wonders of phasing, the horrors of the withering, and the riddle of the whales

Available wherever fine books and ebooks are sold.

ISBN: 978-1934841082 (eBook), 978-1936144174 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count – 308

Sample Chapters

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