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Round Robin Episode 8

…kiss him?  kill him?  I didn’t know what she’d do.

I knew I shouldn’t get involved.  It wasn’t like this was even close to my jurisdiction–southwest Louisiana may as well have been on a different planet.  Still, I couldn’t just wander off knowing I might have prevented another person’s death.

Besides, she wasn’t bad looking.  And she climbed the fire escape without hesitation.  Not many women I knew could do that.  She wasn’t the woman I’d traveled so far to locate, but I felt compelled to find out more about her.  I’d waited ten years to follow Grace; I could wait a few more minutes.

When I was fairly sure I knew where these two were headed, I crossed the street and slipped into the massive building.  A stairway waited behind the first door I tried.

Flashing lights from the street below gave the night an unreal quality as I stepped out onto the roof, reminding me of the swamp gas that sometimes rose from the marsh in ghostly glows on winter nights.  Gravel crunched beneath my boots and I froze.

It took a moment to find the voices in the dark, and even longer to ease silently toward them.  Judging from their exchange, I was now fairly sure they weren’t working together.

“Look,” the woman said, “there’s a lot more at stake here than you know.”

“Oh?”  The man huffed a quick laugh.  “And I thought the stakes were already high enough.  What is it you’re not telling me?”

I suddenly felt a presence –a large, menacing presence.  I hadn’t heard anyone approach, but I knew someone stood right behind me.  And I had a strong suspicion that person wasn’t going to be friendly.

Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have left my thirty-eight in the hotel room.

As I turned, something smashed into the side of my head and I went down hard.

“What was that?”  The woman sounded farther away than she should have, but at least I was still conscious.

Trying to ignore the searing pain, I turned my head to look up at my attacker and found…

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S. H. Baker writes the Dassas Cormier Mystery Series.  Visit her at

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Round Robin Episode 2

What the hell happened to the lights?

“It’s okay, folks.  Just stay where you are.”  The bartender didn’t quite manage to hide his panic.

Jackie’s heart pounded as she watched a flashlight beam swing around behind the bar.  At first she thought she’d heard a shot, but it must have been a transformer or breaker popping.  Not a big deal, and it gave her a few moments to pull herself together.

She couldn’t believe Jack had fallen for such an obvious fake.  If the woman had been any more plastic, she would have melted under the bar lights.  Her mother had been right; Jack was as superficial as the makeup caked on his date’s face.  He hadn’t even noticed Jackie watching him, and she’d worn her sexiest black jeans. Top notch private investigator, my ass.

Still, he knew where the skeletons were buried and she needed to dig up one in particular.  If she didn’t find her mother’s secret account, she and Matt would lose the shelter.  Jackie couldn’t bear the thought of all those kitties and puppies being put to sleep.

Matt would have a heart attack if he knew where she was and what she had planned.  At first she’d thought it would be easy to appeal to Jack’s good nature, but he hadn’t even returned her calls.  Plan two had been to charm the information out of him.  She’d learned a thing or two from her mother over the years.  But this dinner date had delayed that.  Maybe she should just strut past his table and spill her drink on him.  If nothing else, that would get his attention.

Tough Enough

The lights blinked on, and a collective sigh rose from the bar’s patrons.  Jackie sipped foam from her beer, grabbed her helmet, and slid from the barstool.  Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she started toward the table with glass in hand, then stopped.

Jack, half out of his chair, clutched  his date with one arm around her waist.  The woman’s blonde hair, cocked strangely to one side, verified Jackie’s earlier assessment.  But what made her gasp was the figure standing in shadows by the door…

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Sarah Storme, author of Tough Enough, writes spicy contemporary and historical romance.  Visit her at

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