Zumaya Kindle Thriller Sale Week 1

05 Feb

Special Kindle Price Promotion at $2.99

Feb 5 – Feb 11 – Science Fiction Thrillers

Blood Line by Lynn Ward

Blood Line by Lynn Ward

Lauren Pell is chief of security for the Terran station on Krhyllan, a planet wracked by ancient feuds and hatreds. When the king’s young son Deran is attacked by the savage Blood Painter assassins, the feared Blood Painters, Lauren fights, schemes, defies—whatever it takes to rescue the him.

Convinced she failed to save the life of her own child, she will save this one, even if revealing some secrets endangers Krhyllan itself.


Unforced Error by Mark Roberts

Unforced Error by Mark Roberts

When scientist Carl Racine’s genetically modified wolf Yukon discovers a body aboard a corporate helicopter, they both become a danger to powerful people who are determined neither survives to tell anyone about it.

Although he survives a deadly chase through the dense and dangerous jungles on the planet Cenozoic, Carl knows the treat isn’t over. He needs Yukon’s unique skills if he’s going to find the truth—and Yukon is under sentence of death.


Catalyst by M D Benoit

Catalyst by M D Benoit

2046. Mutations and MIDS ravage the planet, and the need for body parts and organ transplants escalate. Corbin has created GenOrg, a farm that speed-grows in coffin-like pods thousands of human clones from stolen DNA. One problem: the clones are sentient. Their genetic memory has even given them the ability to communicate with each other.

Ashar, a self-named clone, escapes GenOrg, promising to return to free the others. Running for his life, he is joined by Sara Logan, a geneticist with a guilty secret, and Pietr Ludov, a reporter seeking the ultimate story. They hatch out a plan to bring down Corbin, but it’s not enough for Ashar—he wants the clones free. Struggling with his own genetic identity, Ashar devises a plan that will unleash repercussions.


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P.S. All these listed titles are actually on sale! We just have certain ones features each week. 😛 It’s a secret! You can find the full list here.
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