Daisies Never Die by Judy Lawn

30 Jan
Daisies Never Die by Judy Lawn

Daisies Never Die by Judy Lawn

“My Darling Edith…”

Averil read the impassioned words in disbelief and astonishment. A love letter, here among her spinster aunt’s possessions? What could it mean?

When Averil Matthews arrives to sort out her deceased aunt’s estate, she expects to find a neat bundle of papers in a drawer somewhere suitable to her aunt’s unassuming life. Instead, she finds a passionate love letter. A letter worn by years of reading and re-reading…

Available wherever fine books and ebooks are sold.

A Rose Rountree Mystery – Book 1

ISBN: 978-1936144662 (eBook), 978-1936144655 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count – 272

Sample Chapters

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