Moon Pool by Jane Toombs and Janet Lee Walters

19 Sep

Moon Pool by Jane Toombs and Janet Lee Walters

Moon Pool by Jane Toombs and Janet Lee Walters

Love by Moonlight…

In the center of the maze at an Adirondack resort lies a spring-fed pool. Legend says that if you look into the serene depths under a full moon, you’ll see the face of your true love. In this collection of four novellas, the magic of the Moon Pool touches the lives of eight people for whom love seems to be a dream that can never be reality.

Thea — who lost her one true love because she couldn’t bear the scorn of others.

Faith — who has given up on love in the face of responsibility.

Lynn— who settled for practicality when she yearned for poetry. and

Cynthia — whose reputation for selfishness was no match for love.


Available wherever fine books and ebooks are sold.

ISBN: 978-1612710112 (eBook), 978-1612710105 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count – 276

Sample Chapters


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