Otherworlds Imprint Release – The Luckless Prince by Rie Sheridan Rose

19 Jun

Another release from the Zumaya Otherworlds Imprint – The Luckless Prince by Rie Sheridan Rose

The Luckless Prince

Secrets within secrets...

From the time he is found wandering the forest as a five-year-old, Stefan has been the constant companion of Prince Roland, heir to the throne of Irthlan. So, when Roland decides it’s time he saw more of his future kingdom, Stefan isn’t about to let him go alone.

It’s the moment Roland’s ambitious cousin Norfulk has been waiting for, and the adventure becomes an exercise in life-threatening danger. Stefan is determined to keep his friend and prince safe, but in the process he discovers a secret that will change his life.

Available in trade paperback, and in ebook for Kindle and NOOK .

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Posted by on June 19, 2011 in Zumaya Otherworlds


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